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As dental offices reopen and we adjust to the “new normal” of COVID-19, the new safety measures will likely remain in place. As always, a safe environment for both patients and staff is the top priority. However, rebuilding trust with your patients may be your second priority. Here are some ways to you can rebuild trust with your patients and even establish new patients.

Communicating New Safety Protocols With Your Patients

All office protocols require a communication strategy. Even more so if you have new safety protocols in place or if those requirements change. You should consider using various communication platforms such as automated appointment reminders, social media, email and your website. All of these channels can be used to relay a consistent and comprehensive message. Especially if your office is “re-opening” after being closed due to the pandemic.

When communicating with patients, focus on messages that promote confidence, excitement and safety. Remind your patients that these protocols are in place not to make them uncomfortable, but for their health. Reassurance is the pathway to trust.

Offer Tips And Keep Communication Lines Open During COVID-19

A great way to maintain your relationship with your patients is to stay in communication with them, even if your practice is temporarily closed. You can offer cleaning tips, special pricing for postponed appointments, and much more. By staying in communication, you keep your patients engaged with your practice.

During this communication you can also include your COVID-19 protocols. A good mix of new policies and benefits for your patients is an attractive marketing message. Your communication strategy should focus on the best ways to communicate with your patients.

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