There couldn’t be anything more frustrating for a salesperson than no-show sales leads. When you make a schedule, accommodate each of your clients’ requests, work through to prepare your ideas and make an effort to be on time only to discover that the client has canceled the appointment, it can be really disappointing and frustrating.

The no-shows discourage sales personnel and cause them to believe that the lead was an unqualified prospect. In reality, that’s not always the case. More often than not missed appointments are attributable to the way in which the appointments are scheduled.

Let’s find out how you can improve no-shows at sales appointments to close the maximum number of deals successfully.

Set the Appointment Early

Contact the prospect well ahead of time to set the appointment that works for you both. If you contact last minute, you may get the appointment but it may not guarantee the client’s presence.

Besides this, provide them with several specific dates and blocks of time when communicating to broaden their options. When you are coordinating back and forth over email, a few feasible options can significantly save your time as well as help your clients make the decision more conveniently.

Send the Calendar Appointment

Create a calendar appointment with dates along with the name of the company, a clear subject and the location of the appointment and send it to your clients. This way they can easily accept and add the appointment to their calendar to avoid missing the meeting. Make sure that they have accepted the appointment as an unaccepted schedule may mean an unconfirmed meeting or a potential no-show.

Remind them of the Appointment

It’s common for people to forget their appointments, especially when there is a time lag between the time of scheduling and the date of the meeting. However, telephonic, SMS or email reminders are important to ensure client’s attendance. Ideally, you should send an SMS or email reminder at least a week before the day followed by a call. Sending multiple reminders can remind the prospect that they have committed to meet, confirming that they will be present at the meeting.

It’s a good idea to use automated appointment reminder rather than calling each client individually. This will not just send out timely reminders, but may also assist you in other scheduling tasks.

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