Updating a business process can be really challenging. Not only do you need to identify where you need to update a process, you have to implement a variety of components to make a chance. Below are three business processes that will not only lead to an efficient front office but also contribute to business building.

Communication is business building

Every business owner would agree that communication is the foundation of a profitable business. In fact, successful businesses will have an established communication strategy for interactions between their business and their current customers. Does this sound familiar to you? Business processes comes in all shapes and sizes, but like everything else in life, eventually you need an update or an upgrade. When last have you looked at your communication process? Or your patient check in and check out process? What about patient payment processes? That one you probably keep updated regularly! But those other processes need your time and attention too and can also cost you money if you’re not paying attention.

Paper is out, digital is in

Are you still printing out office invoices, paperwork, and “take-homes” for your patients? The tree-saver in you should be itching for something else. Appointment reminder cards are a great example of an outdated process, and one that many patients have expressed their dislike for. Especially when you have a fully integrate-able system that can create automated reminders right at your fingertips. Don’t waste time, sign up for a free trial with appointmentreminders.com and see how this easy-to-use system can give back so much of your staff’s time. Not only that, but watch as patient experience and satisfaction increases and your no-shows significantly decreases.

Purposeful Staff Meetings

Not all staff meetings are unnecessary, but are all them necessary? And this might be a great question to ask your office manager or your staff. What was once very much needed may have outgrown your office. In fact, some of those meetings happen purely out of habit. Be sure to evaluate meetings and functions to ensure they are still serving a profitable purpose. If the purpose of your meeting isn’t to discuss how to improve client experience or build your business then consider sending a memo instead.

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