Your patients believe you care. That’s why they are your patients. That is also why you need to increase your patient outreach and develop your patient relationship. You can easily do this with our appointment reminder system, and we’re going to show you how.

Go Beyond Just Appointment Reminders And Create Other Reminders

Appointment reminders for your practice are great. If you’re already using them, then you know you are decreasing your no-shows by 80%. But you can also be using the same system to improve your patient care by sending out additional reminders.

You can schedule reminders within your existing calendar and integrate the two systems. These reminders can be automated for seasons such as flu season, allergy season, winter, and more. Show your patients you care by going beyond their appointment.

Use Patient Outreach To Ask Your Patients For Their Feedback

Your patients will truly appreciate your taking the time to listen to their opinion. Doing this one by one is completely unrealistic. But you don’t have to! Use the appointment reminder technology to create and send out short surveys to a mass list of your patients.

You can create a full online survey and use the system to remind your patients to complete the survey online. Or you can create a short survey directly in the system. Whichever option you use, your patients will enjoy giving you their feedback.

Use Appointment Reminders To Set New Appointments

The term “appointment reminders” can be misleading. Instead of just using our system to decrease your no-shows, you can also use it to create appointments. Many practices have seen an increase in appointment setting when they use a text message to nudge their patients to set their next appointment. can do many things to improve your patient outreach. We also offer advanced integration so you can manage your existing programs together. Start with our 30-day free trial and then pick the plan that’s right for you.

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