If your marketing is working then business is booming. Your phones are ringing and work is increasing, which is great. But more business also means more work and your staff is handling it and possibly doing so through overtime. How do they manage all of that follow up? If you haven’t created a strategy to manage all of this work then it may be time to evaluate what kind of supplemental programs you could be using.

Appointment Reminders

Using an appointment reminder program is a great way to manage follow up. Statistics show when you use a reminder your no-shows decrease by 80%-100%. A low-cost, yet very effective program can make a huge difference in obtaining new clients and customers. However, this program is not just to remind your clients about your upcoming meeting or your patients about their upcoming appointment. You need a reminder program to remind yourself as well! Appointment reminder programs like appointmentreminders.com is an inexpensive way to keep yourself and your clients on track. This program utilizes email, phone calls, text messages, integration with your existing system, and many more features.

Programs for your patients

Apart from an appointment reminder program, there are many other programs that cater to your patients. As much as you may not want to spend the time doing research on these programs, it could be very beneficial. There are many programs that were designed just for your practice and your specific patients. Some of these can help manage your schedule, some the patient information, and some can help with daily tasks. Take the time to figure out which programs would suit your office and start using them. by saving yourself and your staff time, you will essentially increase profits and decrease overtime.

Time is not an excuse. Instead, time is what you need to create a plan to manage your business. You might find evaluation last year’s plan to be helpful as well. Last year’s data will help you be more effective. There are also many firms that can help you evaluate your marketing and managing plan.

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