Many people have transitioned from using a manual planner or calendar to using an online calendar, such as Google Calendar. Apart from the obvious “digital age” transition to online calendars, there are many great benefits to using an online calendar to help you manage your time more efficiently and integrate other excellent programs with your calendar to create your own custom time management toolkit.

Integration with other tools

Potentially the most important benefit of an online calendar is the ability to integrate other great tools with your calendar. has a very easy-to-use integration tool that allows you to sync your Google calendar with the reminder service. This way you can use the contacts and appointments you have already scheduled and automate your appointment reminders.

Available anytime, anywhere

Possibly the most obvious benefit in using an online calendar is the availability of your calendar. You can access your calendar on your phone or any mobile device, you can update your calendar at any time and it will instantly sync with all of your devices, and you can invite others to share your calendar or specific events in your calendar. This feature of sharing is also the feature that works well when integrating your calendar with other devices like appointment reminders.

Closed Calendars

Closed calendars are a great feature of Google Calendar. The closed calendar allows you to create a calendar that is only shared with specific people. This allows you to have multiple calendars with any amount of groups of people, keeping you and your groups organized.


Online calendars such as Google Calendar are a great way to stay organized. The added features of being able to sync across devices and integrate with 3rd party services are a definite plus! In most cases Google Calendar is free, adding affordability to the list of added benefits. Watch our tutorials on Syncing a Google Calendar and Scheduling Reminders Through a Linked Google Calendar to see just how easy is it to sync up with your account.

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