Hi, all!  We just added a new report called the “Failed Reminders Report”. If you log into your account and create a new “Failed Reminders Report”, it will get sent to you every night after your reminders have concluded for the day.

This report will contain a list of reminders that were not able to be delivered.  The reasons for the non-delivery could be caused by multiple issues such as no answers, busy signals, incorrect phone numbers, or perhaps invalid payment info on your business account or reaching your max limit on a free account.  The failed reminders will only be included in this report if there is no further outreaching that can be done.  In other words, if we can still try to send the reminder tomorrow, it will not show up on this report.

This report will be emailed 10 minutes after the EndTime of your reminder schedule for the day. If your schedule looks like this….

The report will be emailed around 8:10 pm. This will allow you to notify (if you wish) any customers who did not receive the reminder.

As with all of our reports, the format is .csv and can be opened in Excel or any text reader.

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