We have just added a new feature to our interface – Reminder Schedule. You can now change the days and times that your reminders will be sent. Before this change, reminders would be sent Mon-Fri 9AM-8PM. Now you may change the schedule to suit your needs.

Day of Week: Mon-Sun

This is the day of the week that you are modifying the settings for.


Check if you want reminders to be sent on this day of the week.
Start time: This is the time of day that your reminders will start. *It is not possible to start them before 9 AM.

End time

This is the time of day that your reminders will stop being sent. *It is not possible to end
them later than 8 PM.

If you disable certain days (Sat and Sun for example) then your reminders will be sent on the first available day prior to the disabled days. For example, if you set up an appointment for Monday and your reminder type is set to send reminders 1 day before the appointment, and you choose to disable Sat and Sun, your reminder will go out on Friday.


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