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Here at AppointmentReminders.com, we realize how important it is to maintain HIPAA compliance.  We strive to make our interface as user friendly as possible while still maintaining HIPAA compliance.  Sometimes the challenge is finding the right balance. We get requests all the time to sign business associates agreements with our clients to assure them that we are operating under HIPAA guidelines. Although we secure our customer’s data, there are other factors that need to be followed by our customers to ensure the highest level of HIPAA compliance.
In addition to keeping the reminders themselves HIPAA compliant, which we have discussed in previous blogs, it is important to keep your customer’s PHI (protected health information) safe. Our new ‘HIPAA compliant’ report option allows you to still receive your nightly reports without worrying about PHI issues.  These reports still have all the information about your appointment reminders, without the PHI. In order to use these reports, however, you need to include a Customer ID when you add or import your data. This can be the persons HRN or some other unique identifier that you create.  When you receive the reports, this Customer ID will be the only link to your customer’s data.
Just like all of our reports, it is just a .csv file and can be opened in Excel or any other text editor to allow you to sort through the data easily. Here is an example of what a HIPAA compliant report may look like.
Of course, in addition to receiving reports, you can always log in to the website and view all of your reminder details there.
To ensure that your reports are HIPAA compliant, click on the ‘Reports’ tab and then click the pencil icon to edit your report.  Make sure the HIPAA compliant box is checked and save the report.
That’s all there is to it!
Thank you!
Jonah Langer (owner)

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