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We have just released a new enhanced version of our downloadable Appointment Reminders Upload Service.

The Appointment Reminders Upload Service is a downloadable windows application that will upload files to us securely and automatically. Simply choose the local folder where you want to place your upload files and configure the service to upload the files automatically to us.

Recent additions and upgrades include a GUI (graphical user interface) to allow you to easily configure the application as well as added configuration to allow you to download daily reports with your reminder results.

The appointment reminders upload service can be used in conjunction with our Integration Service for an extra charge or by itself for no extra charge. The main difference is that our Integration Service offers the ability to custom parse your files on our side. This may be required depending on your specific requirements. However, if you are simply uploading files that adhere to our formatting standards, you can download and use this service for no extra charge.

Simply download our zip file and install the service (link at the bottom of this posting). Then you can configure the settings however you wish.

Appointment Reminders Upload Service - Configure Upload Settings

In addition to uploading files, you can also configure the service to automatically download reports….

Appointment Reminders Upload Service - Configure Download Settings

If you typically upload files by logging into the website portal, you can save time by utilizing this application. Configure the service for multiple locations and download reports automatically to a local folder. It’s all done automatically and securely!

For more information, or to download the zip file, please go the main posting on the appointment reminders upload service.