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Many offices, maybe even yours, underestimate the power of their front office etiquette. From first impressions to continuing patient care, your front office is the smile on the face of your business. So make sure your staff has mastered their front desk etiquette with these three tips.

Front desk etiquette basics

It’s easy to get busy throughout the day. In fact, so busy that you stop looking up to greet your patient who has just walked into your lobby. A simple, “Hi, we’ll be right with you” goes a long way to show that you care even when you are swamped. On the other hand, giving no greeting can leave a lasting negative impression on any patient.

Keep the personal talk and office gossip to a minimum

A full lobby of patients can easily hear the conversations happening behind the desk. Even worse, if the conversations consist of negative talk about a co-worker or a patient. The last thing you want your patient to be wondering is if your staff is going to publicly discuss their information. Loud conversation also shows a major lack of front desk etiquette which is being judged constantly by patients.

Keep your patient informed with all the details

Your patients want all the information. They don’t want you to decide what information they should or shouldn’t have. Sometimes taking the extra time to explain everything can be a hassle, but most patients know when you’re leaving information out. Worse, they find out later that you’ve left information out and they have to double back. Lack of communication creates distrust and diminishes credibility. This is where automated appointment reminders can come in handy. Automated appointment reminders are an excellent tool to keep communication with patients fluent and consistent.

In conclusion, your front office etiquette can make a big difference in a patient’s experience. In fact, many patients have confessed to leaving a practice simply due to their negative experiences with a front office staff member. Make sure the smile of your office is always smiling and always providing a great experience! Start by signing up for a free 30-day trial and start using automated appointment reminders now!