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Maintain HIPAA compliance by allowing your customers to easily opt-out of your automated appointment reminders


Although you hope that all of your customers will appreciate the automated appointments reminders that you are sending them there are always going to be a few that don’t. The best way to accommodate these select few (and often the most outspoken) customers is to allow them to opt-out of your automated reminders with just one simple action. HIPAA compliance also recommends that you provide an easy way for your customers to opt-out and many email providers require it.

So with our service, it’s easy – and already there! 

When you are sending any type of email reminder, a link is automatically added at the bottom with a one-click mechanism to allow them to unsubscribe.  This allows your customers to unsubscribe quickly. This is also a requirement by many email providers such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc… to keep your emails out of the spam folders.

If you are sending a text message reminder, anytime anyone replies with the keyword ‘stop’ they are automatically removed from the text messaging list.  They can text ‘start’ in order to resubscribe.  This is becoming more of an accepted standard in the text messaging world. *Note – If you want people to be aware of this option then you will need to add it to your text message (e.g. text ‘stop’ to unsubscribe).

If you are sending call reminders, if the person responds by pressing the number ‘9’, they will be excluded from any call type reminders. Again, a very simple way for people to remove themselves. *Note – If you want people to be aware of this option then you will need to add it to your call type reminder (e.g. press ‘9’ to unsubscribe).

You can always log into your account and manage the list directly through the web interface as well.

Happy Reminding!

-Jonah (Owner)

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