Welcome to AppointmentReminders.com! Appointment Reminders for Businesses

Some of us could truly benefit from automated appointment reminders. Or an assistant! If you are a business owner or medical practitioner then you know very well what is means to always be busy. So busy that you despise using your time to remind patients or clients of appointments. Well, welcome the invisible assistant you’ve always needed.

Automated Reminders

Our automated appointment reminders need very little of your time. You can integrate our system into your existing schedule and set up reminders to automatically send to your appointments on a certain day and time. These reminders do exactly what you need them to do. Don’t use your time to do what a machine can do for you.

Automated Appointment Reminders is the cheapest assistant on the market

You may be shocked to learn an assistant can cost you so little! In fact, only 8.3 cents per reminder! We understand each person has different needs. To meet those needs, we have multiple account levels. Choose only what you need and don’t pay for more. In fact, start with our 30-day free trial to fall in love with your new assistant first! No credit card required and no obligation to keep “her” on staff.

Automated Appointment Reminders Easy integration

We mentioned our easy integration. And it is easy. In fact, you can even hire us to do it for you. The integration makes our system easily hands-off so all you have to do is manage it. Your office manager alone can manage the system, giving your staff back their time to do more important tasks.

There are two ways you can get started with your automated appointment reminders. Watch our 2 minute video to see our program works. Or you can send yourself a demo reminder to see first-hand what your clients or patients will see. Then sign up for our free, 30-day trial.