Integration Service

Hire us to write and manage your data extract and monitor your appointment reminders. Our integration service can interface with most EMRs and scheduling software.

We know you have invested a lot of time and money in your scheduling software. You like it, your staff likes it and knows how to use it.  You have no desire to switch to something new in order to add appointment reminders. That's why it doesn't matter what type of software you are currently using. Whether it is managed by a 3rd party or housed on your network, we can usually integrate it into our site.

Here’s how it works!

You will install our Integration Service Windows Application on a computer connected to your network. This is a very simple bare-bones application that looks for a file periodically.  If it sees a file, it will connect to us through a secure encrypted connection.  From there we will parse and send out your reminders. 

Depending on your EMR and your technical capabilities, there are a couple of options.  The file can be generated automatically and placed into the folder. Or may require a very simple quick manual creation of the file.

You will receive automated reports whenever we receive a file. These reports will contain a summary of what reminders we added, as well as a notification if we don’t receive a file within a given time frame.

There are no setup fees or contracts with our integration service and the cost is typically only about $100 per month. If you use over 5000 reminders per month, we waive the integration service fee altogether and you get into volume pricing.

As an alternative to our integration service, we offer a secure Web API complete with code samples that allow you to write your own interface.

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