Advanced Integrations

About our Advanced Integration:

We make it very easy for you to integrate your data into our site using our advanced integration methods. No matter what EMR or scheduling service you use, we can usually integrate with it using one of our methods below. If none of these are an option, we do offer some basic integration methods as well that ANYONE can use!

If you use our integration service to merge your data for you, there is really very little that you need to do. As well, if you use over 5k reminders per month, the service is free. Otherwise there is just a small monthly fee.

Contrary to popular belief, integrating your data is usually inexpensive (if not free), and takes a very small amount of time to setup.  In fact, if you are using an EMR that we already integrate with such as practice fusion or if your EMR is able to generate a file with upcoming appointment information, the integration can probably be set up in a day.