How to Increase Patient Satisfaction Through Marketing

Some medical practices claim they “put patients first” but for the patient who has had bad previous experiences, these broad statements are simply not enough. 

A practice who does put their patients first in both healthcare and happiness is sure to stand out. 

Here are three easy ways you can use marketing to increase patient satisfaction.

Communication is key in building patient relationships

Communication can be a challenge without the proper infrastructure. With programs like, you can continue to build your relationship with your patients outside of appointments. 

These automatic messages can include important business information (i.e. holiday office hours),of course appointment reminders, or even patient surveys.

Communication with your patients is just as important before, during, and after the appointment as it is throughout the year. This is especially true if you only see your patients once or a few times year. You must make the effort to continue the relationship outside of appointment times. This should increase patient satisfaction as well as possible referrals. And as you already know, referrals are a great way to increase your profit line.

Education is key in elevating patient experiences

Fear of the unknown or unexplained tends to be the resource of poor patient experiences. If you want to make a patient feel comfortable then your staff will need to take the time to explain information in detail. 

This might include billing, expectations in the office, or other procedures. A patient who is educated and informed will feel less anxious about going to their appointments and more comfortable.

Sometimes taking the time to explain anything can seem tedious. And sometimes it is tedious. But if you are able to build a relationship with your patient that induces loyalty and assurance, you will have a patient for life!

Build up your positive reviews

People don’t want to hear how great you are unless they can hear it from others! Don’t tell them, show them, by showing off your great reviews. Google reviews have become a necessity for any and all businesses. Make sure you are asking your patients to share their great experience with others online and work on building up your positive reviews.

There also ways to entice reviews from your patients if you find asking isn’t really working. Send a reminder in the mail, offer an incentive for a review, or find another way to entice your patients. Encourage your patients to share about their experience and you will create a referral networking within itself. These methods are sure to increase your profit line!

With programs that are effective and affordable, like, you can get started in a matter of minutes! Click here to start your free trial!

Implement these strategies today and begin to increase customer satisfaction as well as your bottom line!

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