5 Ways That Appointment Reminders Increase Productivity

In today’s lifestyle and demanding work-life schedules, customers tend to forget their appointments with doctors, dentists, auto mechanics, therapists, hairstylists, lawn care and a lot of other professions. 

Though customers can reschedule such services to a later date, it may still lead to a loss of business opportunities for your company, especially if changes were made at the last minute so the available appointment slot sits empty. With an appointment reminder service such as ours, you can receive notifications immediately when a customer chooses to cancel an appointment.  This way you can fill the slot and follow up with the customer.

Here are 5 ways that using appointment reminders will increase productivity in your business

1 - Saves you valuable time and effort

One of the vital advantages of using an automated reminder app is it will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. You can preset all the reminder messages you want your client to receive. Once a customer has booked an appointment with you, the system automatically sends out all reminders with nothing else you need to do. 

The system is fast and versatile. It can send SMS, Email or Automated Voice Calls. Since the app would manage your appointment reminding-related tasks, you can utilize your resources for other vital work and your staff won’t need to spend countless hours reminding your customers of their appointments. 

2 - Increases Customer Engagement

Once you start using a dedicated appointment reminding app for your business, it reduces no-shows and increases conversions. ‘No-shows’ refers to a situation when a customer doesn’t come to their appointment. 

The system can help by sending them multiple reminders at predetermined time slots to increase the likelihood of them showing up. We know many businesses in the US alone suffer billions because of no-shows. No shows affect large and small businesses alike.

One of many ways your business, big or small can fix that is phone call reminders. With a phone call reminder, you are able to communicate a large amount of information. For example, if you need to give details about a medical appointment such as fasting beforehand, or some other preparations, a phone call reminder is a great choice.  Also, if you are attempting to reach an older population, in many cases a phone call reminder is the best choice. Many older people either do not have texting or emailing capabilities, or simply prefer a phone call. 

One other advantage is that with a service like appointmentreminders.com, you can usually originate the phone call reminder from your office caller ID. Another time that phone call reminders come in handy is if the text message reminder fails. In this case, you can simply roll the failed text message reminder to a phone call reminder.

3 - Makes Happy Customers

Most customers these days expect a reminder to be sent to them prior to an appointment. When customers don’t get a reminder, they can often be unsure of whether your company still has them down for an appointment. This can lead to customers calling in and not only wasting their time but also your time telling them something that both of you should already know. This is frustrating for the customer and time consuming for your company. When customers receive an appointment reminder, they can rest assured that you still have them booked for their appointment. This increases your company and your customer’s productivity!

In addition, your customers now have details of the scheduled date, time, and venue sent directly to them. They don’t need to call the office again and seek out the details of their appointment. 

Reminder automation allows you to serve your customers to the best of your ability. When they regularly receive appointment-related text, it helps them feel special and appreciated. It also helps you develop a personal rapport with them. Also, it encourages customers to keep their appointment with you, or to reschedule to a later time if that previous time doesn’t work anymore.

4 - Relay important information

Once you have automated your appointment reminders, you can rest assured that your customers will always receive the correct information.  This not only applies to the correct date, time, and location of the appointment, but also specifics of the appointment type.

For example, you can send different information to “New Customers” vs “Existing Customers” by using different reminder types. Many times new customers need to arrive early to fill out paperwork or complete forms.  This can all be automated in your reminders. 

Another great example of this is sending out more detailed information to customers or patients that have a certain procedure or intervention that require lots of specifics.  You can add and convey lot’s of info using automated call or email reminders.

5 - Reporting and Analytics

The chances of manual errors in analytics come to a halt when you start using an automated reminding app. The app collects all necessary appointment-related data along with other key metrics, and sends out a reminder based on that specific information. You can verify what has gone out in the app’s dashboard.

You can also keep track of who has received the reminders as well as your customers replies.

While calculating appointment-related data, no manual intervention is required. Thus, it reduces the chance of manual errors while offering flawless appointment data for further analysis. You can use the data to improve your office environment and understand the latest scheduling trends.

In Conclusion

By using an automated reminder system, you can really increase productivity in ways that you may not have even considered. They allow you to increase customer engagement and customer satisfaction. They save you tons of time communicating information to your customers that they probably already know. They save your customers time and headaches calling your company to find out their appointment info.

They also allow you to convey lot’s of information to your customers including links to download paperwork or forms, as well as detailed info regarding different appointment types.

Keeping track of key metrics such as who is confirming the reminders, and who is actually receiving them is vital to customer communication.

Get started today and increase YOUR business productivity!

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