Increase customer satisfaction by sending reminders using your customer’s preferred method of communication (call, text, or email).

Whether you are uploading your reminder information through our API, connecting through Google Calendar or simply using our online interface to do it, you can easily specify and save each of your customer’s preferred method of communication.

By allowing your customers to specify the method of their appointment reminders (call, text, or email) you are ensuring that they have the best chance of receiving and responding to your reminders.

If you are adding customers through our interface, you can choose their default communication method when you create them or by editing their record. This way, the next time you create or upload appointment info, their reminder will be sent in the method that they specify.

You can also specify the outreach method if you are uploading files or connecting through Google Calendar. Please visit our help documentation for detailed information on this.

Your customers will thank you for sending their reminders in the method that they prefer and who knows, they may just show up for that appointment after all!

-Jonah Langer (Owner)

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