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If you are constantly late to your appointments and can’t figure out how to get a handle on being on time, then this article is for you! Being prompt is not only important in your professional life, but spills over to all other areas of your life as well. Many people would rather believe that being habitually late is just “how it goes”, but that is not true, and being only 5 minutes late can make the difference between a lasting first impression and a bad reputation. Here are some tips to help you stay on track and improve your life by improving your timing:

Tip #1

Set a reminder for yourself. Many people look at our services as a great feature to remind their clients or others about appointments, but it works both ways. You can just as easily use our services to remind yourself about important or daily appointments that you need to be on time for.

Tip #2

Don’t schedule events that aren’t important to you. Many times people are late simply because they don’t see the importance of the appointment. The whole things come down to an attitude that a person has towards being punctual. Start to change this attitude by changing what you choose to commit to. The only schedule and commit to events that you consider important and then being on time will become important as well.

Tip #3

Set your clock a few minutes ahead. I have my clock in my car set 5 minutes ahead. Although I know in my mind that the time is 5 minutes ahead, there are many times I have been on time only because I am paying attention to that particular clock. After a while, you forget that it’s set ahead and that works to your advantage. Check out the Procrastinator’s Clock, which is a cool little gadget that might work really great for you!

Tip #4

Plan ahead. If you are habitually late many times this happens because you didn’t plan for the traffic, or that phone call, or the lights, etc. There are so many reasons to why you’re late but the truth is it all could have been avoided if you had planned ahead. Leaving at 4:30 pm? Plan for traffic and give yourself an extra ten minutes to get to your event/appointment. It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

Tip #5

Decide that being on time is going to become important to you! Your attitude is the number one reason you are late. Until you decide that being on time can improve your life and is an important lifestyle change, you will always be late. Decide now that you can improve your life by improving your timing! 

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