One of the already determined “hot-topics” for 2016 is marketing. If your marketing plan is working then your phones are ringing, emails are coming in, and you’re hearing from prospective clients. So how do you manage all that follow up? Between the client meetings, call-backs, and call-to’s you better have a well-trained staff on hand to handle the incoming business. If you don’t then it may be time to evaluate what kind of supplemental programs you need to complete your 2016 marketing plan.

Programs to make your work life easier

There is a vast amount of programs that you need to use, one of them being of great importance because of the impact it can have on your efficiency. This is a reminder program. Statistics show when you use a reminder your no-show’s decrease by 80%-100%. A low-cost yet very effective program can make a huge difference in obtaining new clients and customers. However, this program is not just to remind your clients about your upcoming meeting or your patient about their upcoming appointment. You need a reminder program to remind yourself as well! When your schedule gets hectic you don’t want to miss out on any business because you forgot to make a phone call, do you? Of course not! Appointment reminder programs like are inexpensive ways to keep yourself and your clients on track. Take the small step to making a big difference and sign up for your account now.

Do the Evaluation you don’t want to do

Like your yearly taxes or yearly teeth-cleaning, some things simply must be done. This includes re-evaluating your marketing plan. Even if your 2015 marketing plan worked like a charm that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a detailed review. Some techniques that worked last year won’t make the cut this year which means you may need to make some changes. Don’t be lazy just get it done because at the end the results always make you feel good.

Death by data is not an excuse

The term death by data comes from the idea that there is SO much data that you either avoid it completely or you drown in the data and lose the destination. Every program you use has analytics, every platform has insights, and every technique has a result. Before you re-evaluate your plan I’m sure you evaluated last year’s results. In the same way, use the data you have to generate your new plan and learn from last years. Just because there is a ton of data doesn’t mean you should avoid it all together. There are also many firms to can hire to help you analyze all the data so really there are no excuses.

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