Positive reviews are a key piece of credibility for your business. In fact, reviews are so important, that if you should be implementing a strategy to receive positive reviews. A benefit of text message appointment reminders is you can use it as a tool to encourage positive reviews and decrease negative ones.

The purpose of your reviews is to act as a trusted advisor

Reviews act as a trusted advisor for patients or clients who are ready to buy. These are the people you are looking for! Earning reviews have no cost, there for are very high in ROI. The results of good reviews can have a big impact on your bottom line.

How to decrease negative reviews

Why do customers leave negative reviews? Usually a negative review stems from someone who feels they were treated wrongly and were never compensated for it. Whether you offer an apology, credit, or free shipping, people just want to know you care. So what better way to show you care than to use a text message? A text message gives you direct and immediate communication with your patients to resolve any issues quickly and effectively.

Request feedback using text messages

By encouraging your patients to send you feedback directly through text messages, you supply them with an outlet to be heard. If they can address their concerns directly with you then they will be much less likely to use an online platform as the outlet for their complaints or concerns.

Don’t let feedback go to waste

You will surely earn negative feedback if you don’t utilize the feedback given to you. If your patients, customers, etc. take the time to respond to your request then you must take the time to resolve their concerns. Use the text message feedback request to hear and resolve.

Utilize the good reviews

When you receive positive feedback, be sure to use those as well. You can paste good reviews on to your website or any platform that you own. Unfortunately, you cannot post others’ reviews on forums like Google. However, even positive reviews on your website will gain the credibility you want for others to see.

All these features and more can be used with our appointment reminders. Through email, text message, and even automation and schedule integration, we can help you achieve your goals. Start with our free, 30-day account. No credit card required and no obligation to continue.

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