Roll a Failed Text Reminder to a Call

This week, I will show you how to roll a failed text reminder to a call reminder. If the text message cannot be sent due to an invalid or unreachable number, a call will be sent automatically.

Step 1 - Set up Your Text Message and Call Reminders

First, lets set up both ‘Reminder Types’ by clicking on the ‘Reminder Types’ link. A call, text, and email reminder type should already be there by default.  You can edit these or create new ones.  For this simple walkthrough, we will just use the ones that were created by default.  If you want more info on ‘Reminder Types’ you can view our help posting here or view our YouTube tutorial here.

Reminder Types for Rolling a Text to a Call

Step 2 - Set up Your Trigger to Act on the Failed Text Reminder


We have now created our text message and call reminder types and are ready for the next step.

Click on the ‘Triggers’ link. Triggers allow you to set up multiple reminders, send you text or email alerts when someone responds to a reminder, and more (more info at the end of this post). Click ‘Create New Trigger’ now.

For ‘Trigger Name’ enter ‘Roll failed Text to Call’.

‘Rem Type Seed’ is the reminder that the trigger will trigger off of when certain conditions are met.  Go ahead and choose your text reminder type for this field.  Mine is called ‘Demo Text Message’.

‘Result to Trigger’ is the condition that must be met in order for the trigger to fire.  Select ‘Reminder Failed’ for this field.

‘Triggered Action’ is what will happen when the condition is met.  Select ‘Schedule Reminder’ for this field.

‘Rem Type Triggered’ is the reminder type that will be triggered when the condition is met.  Select your call type reminder for this field. Mine is called ‘Demo Call’

Now press ‘Save’

Trigger For Rolling a Failed Text to a Call

A new trigger is now set up. I can schedule my text message reminder and if it fails it will roll automatically to the call reminder.  It doesn’t matter how I schedule the text message reminder (linked calendar, online, import files, etc…)

Watch the YouTube Tutorial Here!


Use Triggers to do so Much More!

You can set up triggers to do many things on top of rolling a failed text reminder to a call.

For example you can…

  • Roll a failed call reminder to an email reminder
  • Send one reminder a week prior and another a day prior to the appointment (or whatever schedule you want!)
  • Send a text or email alert to your cell phone when a customer cancels or confirms an appointment. This allows you to respond immediately.
  • Send a follow up text, call, or email to a customer AFTER an appointment. For example, you can send a link to a survey or review page.
  • Lots More!

For more information on setting up triggers you can view our help topic on the subject here.

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