This week I will discuss how to send your reminders in Spanish by using the English Spanish mapping table.

This tutorial will go over setting up a CALL TYPE reminder.  Text message and email reminders can be set up the same way but please note that you will need to create the Spanish wp-content yourself for text message and email reminders. For CALL TYPE reminders we provide Spanish versions of all the stock voice files as well as read the dates and times in Spanish.

The first thing we will need to do is set up the English reminder type. I won’t spend a ton of time going over this but if you need more info on setting up a reminder type, click here for the Tutorial on Reminder Types.

Once you have your English Reminder Type set up click on the “Reminder Types” link to go to the main Reminder Types page.

Click on the clone button to clone the Reminder Type.


Now click the pencil icon for the Cloned Reminder Type and perform the following actions

  1. Change the name to include the word Spanish (e.g. AppointmentReminders Demo Reminder Call Spanish)
  2. Change the Language to Spanish by selecting the appropriate radio button.
  3. Press “Save Changes”.

You will see that now all the Stock Voice Files show the Spanish version. Important! If you are using any Custom Voice Files you will need to add/change them manually.

Now click on “Reminder Types” to go to the main Reminder Types screen. You should now see both the English and Spanish version there.


Now go ahead and click on the “Spanish Mapping” button.

Click “Create New Mapping”.

Select both the English Reminder Type and the Spanish Reminder Type and press “Save”.

That’s it!

Here are some additional details about Spanish Reminders








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