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How to Send out Meeting Reminders

It’s important to get the right people in your meetings, or else decisions cannot be made. Writing effective meeting reminders is a large part of this. In today’s world, people often send text message reminders or emails rather than making a phone call. It’s also commonplace to print a reminder out to put up where people will see it, depending on the meeting you’re planning. So many will send a meeting request text message along with printing the reminder.

New to Meeting Reminders

It can be hard to write these reminders in the right tone, and with the correct information. Beginners find this especially tricky. It’s important to convey a friendly tone so the person does not feel that they are being told off. Missing a meeting is common, with 96% of employees admitting to having missed meetings in the past. Not only this, but almost 50% of employees have stated that meeting attendees arriving late or leaving early is disruptive and a sign of a bad meeting. So, if the meeting slips one person’s mind, then the chances are it’ll ruin it for at least half of the attendees. So, how do meeting leaders and businesses combat this? Well, an effective meeting reminder is one way! Here are some examples you can learn from.

Examples of Meeting Reminders

Simple Meeting Reminder

Subject: Reminder about Meeting on Marketing Strategy – 11 am on Nov 3

Hi Rick,

I want to remind you about the meeting we have coming up on Wednesday, May 23 at 9 am.

It will be held in meeting room 1-B (1st floor). We will be going over our marketing strategy for the year. If you have any questions, please let me know.

All the best,


This is a simple meeting reminder email template. It’s straight to the point, clear, and succinct.

Meeting Reminder Notice


May 23 , 2022

To: FCC Members

From: Renee, Head, FCC

Re: Meeting Reminder Notice

The next meeting of the Social Committee will be on:

Monday, July 20, 2022, 8 am – 9 am

Grand Central Meeting Room 1-G

23112 Little Road, Port Richey, FL 34365

We will go over the upcoming events on the calendar and start planning new events. We will also discuss new applications for our committee and discuss how to obtain funding.

If you have any questions about this meeting, please don’t hesitate to call me at 232-323-2323

This is a more friendly meeting reminder email sample. It should have the date, the subject, and the reminder, and include a meeting agenda. This is a notice of what the committee will be discussing at the next meeting.

Sample E-Mail Meeting Reminder

From: Smith, Liam

Sent: Friday, June 12, 2012,2:00 PM

Subject: Reminder: Hope Center Stakeholder Meeting, June 12, 2022

Attachments: May 1 Logistics.pdf; May Imaging Draft Agenda_Updated.pdf

You are receiving this message because you are a stakeholder of Hope Center.

Dear Hope Center Stakeholder:

This message is a reminder of the Hope Center stakeholder meeting on June 1, 2022, at 10:00 am in Tampa. You will find attached a draft meeting agenda for your review. Please find an attached summary of logistics. This includes the location of the meeting as well as nearby Air BnB, hotels, train stations, and airports.

By the end of next week, we will send you the other documents. These include the stakeholder comments on the first draft of the Yearly Plan and a confirmed meeting agenda. I hope that this will update all stakeholders on the Yearly Plan status even if you cannot attend the meeting in person.

Those who would like to attend the June 1 meeting via weblink are requested to contact Liam Smith, Hope Center at 232-323-2323 no later than May 25. Stakeholders who wish to link into the meeting online will receive the instructions to do so. If you have already confirmed that you will attend in person, no action is required from you.

Thank you!


This email meeting reminder template has a meeting update, and a way to let them know if you’d like to link into the meeting virtually. The date and time details are mentioned in the email. It maintains a friendly but professional tone so that recipients know what is required of them.


Meeting Text Message Reminder Example

Upcoming Meeting Reminder

Hello or Hey [NAME],

This text is to remind you that the next [MEETING] is on [DATE] at [TIME] in the [MEETING ROOM OR PLACE AND ADDRESS]. If you can no longer attend this meeting, please let me know.

If you would like further information or have any questions for me, please get in touch prior to the meeting.

Kind Regards,


Call, Text, and Email Reminders

Send Call, Text, or Email Appointment Reminders to your team, patients, or customers using our automated reminder system. Our business package gives you all the functionality you need to send appointment reminders to your customers. Mix and match your call, text, and email reminders. Roll failed texts to calls and more!

Text Message Reminders (SMS)

Text messages are the simplest and easiest way for your customers to receive an appointment reminder.

  • Complete customization of your text message content.
  • Your customers can text back with up to three customized responses (or keywords) such as “1” or “C” or “Confirm”, etc.…
  • Include dynamic fields such as Customer/Patient name, Appt Date & Time, and more!
  • Include custom fields such as room numbers, amounts due, location names, and more!


Email Reminders

Email Reminders are still a great way to remind your customers of appointments

Phone Call Reminders

Depending on your business and customer’s needs, a phone call reminder may be a better choice.

  • Send call reminders from your verified office Caller ID.
  • Build your phone call reminders from an in-house library of over 150 pre-recorded voice files.
  • Record your own voice files right over the phone for no additional charge.
  • We also offer in-house voice file recordings for a small one-time charge.


We give you complete control over the content and customization of your appointment reminders. Create them from scratch or use an existing template Our setup wizard can also generate them for you based on your preferences. As always, if you need help or want assistance setting them up we provide free hands-on support! Don’t waste any more time and Sign-Up! No Contracts and No Risk! There are No Hidden Fees, setup charges, cancellation charges, or contracts. All appointment reminder account tiers come with a 30 Day Trial – no credit card needed (up to 30 reminders)

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