Send Reminders from your Caller ID

Did you know that our service allows you to send appointment reminders from your caller id? This way, your customers see that the call is originating from your company. Also, if they miss the call, they see the caller id and can call you back. In fact, we allow you to use multiple caller ids.  This can come in handy if you have several locations with different phone numbers.

To set your caller id, simply log in to your account and click on “Caller IDs”. Then click on “Add a Caller ID”. caller ID list screenshot

Enter the caller id that you want the calls to originate from and press “Create”.  If you want this to be the default caller id, check the box that says “Set as Default”. Also, check the box that says “Verify Now” and if this main number requires an extension to reach you, or the main desk enter that as well.  Once you press “Save Changes”, the system will attempt to call you at this number and will dial the extension as well if you added one.  When you answer the phone, it will prompt you to enter a code.  This code will show up on the screen as soon as you press “Save Changes”. caller ID added screenshot

After you answer the phone and enter the code, press the “Verification Complete” button. You can continue this process for any additional caller ids that you have.  Now your reminder calls will originate from your caller id!

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