According to a recent Hubspot and Eventbrite survey, 84% of responders feel that attending events is an important part of their job (source: If this is so, then why does it seem so hard to get people to RSVP to your event, much less show up? Here are some great tips to help you not only get your target audience to show up to your event but get your event to sell out!

#1: Many people create an event in hopes their target audience will attend, thus, creating a business opportunity for them or a possible meet to then follow up with at a later time. The problem with this tactic is many people who create these events don’t consider whether their event will truly benefit the audience that attends. As you plan your event your need to consider what are some challenges your audience might have? What would they like to learn more about? And how would they like to consume that information?

#2: Marketing your event is the key to getting attendance. Calling and asking your audience to attend is only one step. Having your attendees commit to attending, such as RSVP’ing to an invitation, will make them feel as though there is a written obligation and will be more likely to attend. Sending your RSVP’s a reminder is also a KEY step in the process. An appointment reminder can be the difference between someone actually coming or not.

#3: Create an opportunity for early registrants or registrants who show up to the event early (depending on your event of course). This will give your attendees ad added incentive to attend your event. This incentive can range from meeting with the guest speaker, receiving some kind of award or gift, or any other similar motivation!

#4: Use social media to market your event. If you’re not already connected with your audience on social media then you need to be. This is such a great way to stay connected with your audience, communicate with them, showcase your brand, and market your events. Social media platforms also serve as great reminders for your upcoming events to possible guests.

#5: Don’t promote your event, promote the value! Your event is not just about the host or even the speaker, it’s the value of the event. Your event’s value includes the speaker, the location, the benefits your attendees will get out of attending, any promotions and offers, giveaways, and follow-ups! Your value is all the components of your event so make sure you promote them all.

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