This weather might have you stuck inside the house but it’s the perfect time to take advantage of being inside by organizing and de-cluttering! Use this time to turn your home – and your life – into the organized beauty you want to see!

Check out our 5 tips on how to de-clutter your home:

Tip #1

Sometimes just organizing the furniture in your room can help you see the clutter that you have gotten used to. Is that vase supposed to be on the floor? Where did those papers come from? Moving the furniture around allows you to see the space differently, and especially see what’s in the space that might not belong there.

Tip #2

Most people have that one “junk drawer” designated in the home for random stuff. This stuff includes pens, papers, knick-knacks, and just more stuff. Instead of cluttering a draw with things that you’re unsure of their use or their belonging, start to designate drawers. Drawers are a great way to hide things yet keep them organized. Have on drawer for those papers you’re unsure what to do with, another for the mail, and maybe one for those knick-knacks if you really want to keep them. Sometimes organizing the junk drawer is exactly the oomph you need to get everything else organized!

Tip #3

Put the outdoor things back outdoors. As the seasons revolve a lot of your things move from inside the house to outside and vice versa. Sometimes we completely forget to put these things back where they belong! Walk around your house and start collecting those things that normally have a designated area outside and put them back. If the weather doesn’t permit you to do that then gather the outdoor things and put them in one designated area until you can get them back out the house.

Tip #4

When last have you cleaned out your refrigerator? A 2012 study by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families showed a correlation between the number of objects on the refrigerator door and the amount of clutter in your home.(Source:—and-life-/article_904e485a-a7dc-11e4-947a-cb126bf14821.html) This very interesting study shows just how important the things you see effect how you feel when it comes to organizing your home. Clean out both inside and outside your fridge and indulge in the organized feeling you will receive!

Tip #5

Don’t put it down, put it away! This applies to everything in the home while you clean. We have a tendency to organize by moving our stuff around without actually putting them away. If you move the clutter from one corner to the other then you defeat the purpose of actually getting rid of the clutter so don’t put it down unless you’re putting it away.

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