Have you considered using an automatic enrollment policy in your practice? Many practitioners have toyed with the idea of enforcing and automatic enrollment policy into their reminder program with their patients, and here is how you can do it!

Create a policy that is easy to understand

The worse thing you can do is create a policy that will only confuse your patients. Create a policy that is easy to understand, easy to opt-out of, and easy to manage. Also make sure you are clearly explaining your policy to all of your patients.

Use your new policy efficiently

Any policy is only as good as its user. Make sure you and your staff understand how to manage the enrollment policy and be prepared to answer some common questions. Integrate your policy with your reminder program to make the date input easy.

Use your appointment reminder for annual updates

One of the biggest benefits to your patients is your annual reminder for general updates. Annual medicines like vaccines, tips for specific seasons, and surveys are all great ways to use your appointment reminder program.

Now that you know how easy it is to create and implement an automatic enrollment policy, get to it! Don’t forget we offer integration services for almost any program you want to use with AppointmentReminders.com.

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