It may seem crazy, but building a small business during the pandemic is absolutely possible. In fact, if you aren’t trying to build your business already, you better start now! Many companies and organizations have been negatively impacted by Coronavirus. However, other businesses are setting examples by shining through the dark. These savvy entrepreneurs are not only meeting the needs of their consumers, they’re even starting new businesses! Successfully we might add. Here are some great ways you should be building your small business right now.

Move Your Things Online

And by “your things” we mean as much of your things as possible. Doctors are offering virtual visits. Consultants are offering virtual consulting. What are you doing? How can you offer your business through an online portal? Every single business can find a way. For example, if you run a brick and mortar jewelry store you don’t have to spend time and money moving all of your inventory online. Instead, set up appointments for customers to virtually shop your store. You can use Zoom or Skype to show them pieces that have been picked out just for them. Engagement ring shopping is still very doable. You just have to make it doable for them. It’s time to get creative and flexible.

Update Your Marketing Strategy

Updating your business practices will also require you to update your marketing strategy. Since many organizations are still closed to in-person services you need to announce your new accessibility. Use your website, email campaigns, social media, and appointment reminders. These are all great tools to communicate with customers.

Start Using Small Business Apps

If you are not already using apps to make your life easier, and enhance your customer’s experience, then now is better than ever. Simple automated reminders, like, are an easy platform to boost your company. You can even integrate your existing calendar, patient or customer database, and much more. Programs that make scheduling an appointment, virtual or in-person, will help your office stay organized and effective. Don’t forget to set up reminders for yourself as well. Keeping your back office organized is just as important as keeping your consumers organized. offers you a free 30-day trial so you can start boosting your bottom line right away. Automated appointment reminders are shown to decrease no shows by as much as 80% and increase business by at least 20%. Start now and grow your small business.

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