A push strategy proactively sends information to your patients. Studies show 75% of people prefer to receive information via text messages, otherwise known as SMS. In fact, these same studies show 98% of SMS are read. This means SMS is the perfect platform to create and implement a push strategy. Here’s how you get started.

Choose the information that will cater to your patient

You absolutely have to follow HIPAA compliance. Per regulations, you won’t be sending any confidential information through SMS but you can send other information. Determine what kind of information your patients would like to receive. You can do this through a survey or a focus group.

Set up a survey as part of your push strategy

One of the best uses of a push strategy is by creating a survey for your patients. Surveys can be used to collect important feedback about your practice and your staff. This data can enable significant improvement in your care quality and patient communication.

Digitization means you are staying updated and implementing new technology

Digitization is where healthcare is heading, even if it might be moving at a slower pace than other industries. As a result, you need to be heading in this direction as well.

AppointmentReminders.com is a great program to use for text message communication with your patients. You can use our programs to do everything we’ve listed in this blog. Watch our tutorial on how to get started or sign up for a free account and 30-day free trial. Get your push strategy started today!. Get started here.

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