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EMRs With Built-In Reminders Vs An Appointment Reminder Service

What is an EMR or EHR?

There are many EMRs (Electronic Medical Record) or EHR (Electronic Health Record) services out there today. Long gone are the days where even a small clinic could maintain health records in written form. EMR services such as Epic, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and Practice Fusion are in large demand from small practices to very large multi-site medical practices.

These EMRs are designed to maintain digital versions of paper charts, notes, patient history, images, current prescriptions, and lots of other information. They also need to be highly secure due to the sensitivity of patients medical records.

EMR with Built In Appointment Reminders

The advantages of EMRs with Built-In Appointment Reminders

Many EMRs do offer built-in appointment reminders. One of the major advantages is that they can be configured within your EMR to automatically remind your patients of their upcoming appointments without too much configuration.  

If you simply need to send generic appointment reminders for every appointment, with basic information such as appointment date, time and location, then it can often be setup very quickly and easily. However, most practices want or need much more customization and control than is offered in an out-of-box solution.

The disadvantages of EMRs with Built-In Appointment Reminders

High Costs and Setup fees

Cost is definitely something to be considered.  Many EMRs do not include appointment reminders with their basic service and instead will provide it as a costly add-on. Some EMRs may even use an external or 3rd party solution. They may charge a large initial fee to set it up, a monthly fee to keep it up, as well as charge you a high price for each appointment reminder that you send.

Limited Configurability

EMRs with built-in appointment reminders often will have very limited configurability. Unlike a dedicated appointment reminder service, you may not have complete control over things like…


Sometimes, you may need to change a message or add a reminder for an appointment. If the built-in appointment reminders do not offer an interface that allows you to do that, you may need to request changes through a support ticket.  This can sometimes take days (if you are lucky), or more often weeks to implement.  At AppointmentReminders.com, you can log in to the interface and make changes that will take affect immediately.


If your EMR offers built-in appointment reminders, and cost and/or configurability is not a concern, then it may be a good choice for your practice.  However, if you are interested in saving money while increasing the flexibility and configurability of the appointment reminders, you should probably use a dedicated appointment reminder service to complement your EMR.

AppointmentReminders.com is one of the leading HIPAA Compliant appointment reminder services in the U.S. and Canada. Not only do we offer prices that are usually way lower than what the EMRs will charge, we can also sync up very quickly and easily to most EMRs. With us, there are no setup fees, or hidden charges and you have complete control over your appointment reminders.