5 Tasks You Can Automate In Your Accounting Firm

accounting firm

It is the busiest season of the year for Certified Professional Accountants. It’s tax season! Emails are flying back and forth between you and your clients, deadlines are approaching and you have a very long list of tasks ahead of you. However, there are 5 crucial tasks that you can (and should) automate in your…

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How To Build A Streamlined Medical Practice

medical practice

A busy medical practice is a sign of a healthy business. This also means a likely jam packed schedule and a hectic work environment for your front office and staff. And with a full staff and a full schedule, miscommunication can be a frequent annoyance. However, you can avoid many cmmunication disasters if you streamline…

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How To Create Ongoing Engagement With Your Patients

engagement with patients

Ongoing engagement with your patients is no longer only a way to ensure patients stay up to date with their treatments. Ongoing engagement can be a key for your practice, especially with the shift toward value-based payment models in all areas of health care. Enhance outcomes Many patients find their doctor’s recommendations and discharge papers…

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Automated Appointment Reminders: Work Through The Holidays

Automated appointment reminders don’t need you to work. In fact, they need very little to do exactly what you hope they would do – keep the wheels turning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant that required very little management? Automated appointment reminders are just like that! Here’s why automated appointment reminders are…

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A High Volume Holiday Season

holiday season

So many businesses can benefit from the holiday season but a lack of marketing can make you miss the opportunity. Automated appointment reminders are a key tool in your marketing throughout the holidays, among a few others listed below. Find out how you can flourish your business this holiday season. Reminders bring people in The…

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Revolutionize Your Day With Your Digital Voice Assistant

voice assistant

If you are not utilizing your phone or tablet’s digital voice assistant, then you’re not optimizing your schedule. Your entire work day will run more smoothly, be more efficient and productive, and you may even find yourself completing tasks much faster. Here’s how you should be using your digital voice assistants. Notes How many times…

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Strategies To Create Loyal Patients

loyal patients

In most cases, patients just want to be heard. They want to know that you hear them when they complain, offer feedback, or make suggestions. Allowing your patients these opportunities are part of building loyal patients. Here are a few strategies you can use to enhance your patient relationship and build loyal patients. Create an…

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What To Do With No-Show Appointments

no-show appointments

What if you could tell which patients were likely to cancel or not show up for their appointment? Would you treat them differently? Maybe utilize more appointment reminders or enforce stricter policies? Now, a new tool might be able to tell you who will be your no-show appointments. A new algorithym could reduce no-show rates…

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The Benefits Of Booking Appointments Online

booking appointments

According to Accenture, 66% of US health systems will offer online scheduling. Your clients will soon expect access to book appointments online for your services, from hair salons to veterinary services, and everything in between. How behind is your practice? Find out why you can’t afford to skip the benefits of booking appointments online. Stop…

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How To Deal With Unhappy Patients in 4 Steps

unhappy patients

Unhappy patients can be quite a challenge for front office staff. Either way and whatever the cause, your office staff should be trained and prepared to manage unhappy patients. Here are four simple yet effective steps to managing unhappy patients. Use appointment reminders to help with communication Appointment reminders are an excellent platform for easy…

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