Automatic Appointment Reminders During The Pandemic

automatic appointment reminders

The global pandemic has forever changed our lives. As you learn to live differently, businesses are also making big changes. Automatic Appointment Reminders is no exception. But we’re also learning that our business is essential in keeping consumers and patients organized while much of our lives are being conducted from home. Here are some ways…

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Increase Online Reviews With Appointment Reminders

online reviews

Positive online reviews are a key piece of credibility for your business. Research shows that 93% of people use online reviews in their decision making process. In fact, reviews are so important that you should have a dedicated strategy for increasing your online reviews. One of the tools we detail below is how to use…

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How To Put An End To Missed Appointments

missed appointments

If you conducted a case study on one patient that regularly missed appointments, what would you find? While reasons for missed appointments vary between patients, there are distinct patterns. Below are two case studies we have analyzed to reveal some of these patterns and suggest effective solutions. It’s time to put an end to missed…

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4 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Business Strategy

business strategy

When you started your practice, what did you determine to be your business strategy? In most cases, your marketing strategy includes a business strategy. But even then, if your business has grown, then likely you have also outgrown your initial business strategy. Here are 4 signs you’ve outgrown your communications strategy and you need to…

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Safety Policies For Your Business

safety policies

As the economy slowly reopens and people start to emerge out of their home you may be considering reopening your business. In fact, you may have already opened your business to the public. Either way, there are specific CDC recommendations for keeping you and your staff and customers safe and healthy. Below we highlight some…

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How To Implement Mental Health At Home

mental health

Mental health has always been important. However, during this pandemic mental health is easily overlooked. As you prioritize working from home, taking care of your children and keeping the house and meals organized, mental health ends up at the bottom of the list or not on the list at all. Here are a few small…

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How To Stop Missed Appointments

missed appointments

In general, people will miss their scheduled appointments by up to 80% in their lifetime. That’s a pretty huge chunk of your bottom line being both lost and depleted when those appointments aren’t rescheduled. In addition, there is a cost for the time to process the rescheduling. There are many strategies and tools that can…

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Using Appointment Reminders In Work At Home


As many businesses transition to work-from-home, or even run their businesses out of their home, it can feel hectic very easily. For all those parents out there who have to both work from home and manage their kids – we feel it for you. And we want to make your life a little easier, and…

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Process Improving for Business Building

business building

Updating a business process can be really challenging. Not only do you need to identify where you need to update a process, you have to implement a variety of components to make a chance. Below are three business processes that will not only lead to an efficient front office but also contribute to business building.…

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3 Trending Ways To Update Your Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is an important tool when starting a business. But when last did you update your marketing strategy? Likely your consumers are not exactly the same as they were 5 or 10 years ago – and even if they are, the technology they are using isn’t the same. This is especially true if…

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