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Help & Info

Help and Info

Here you will find help and info on our services.  We understand that it can be a bit difficult or even frustrating when you first set up your account. That is why we ALWAYS take time with new customers to make sure everything is set up correctly.  We usually prefer if you will allow us to actually set up your account for you. This way we can make sure everything is right and you have a better idea how things are set up. When we do this, we allow you to see our screen as we set things up so you can follow along and learn about the various areas of your account.

In addition, we offer many different avenues of help and info.  You can usually get us on chat during business hours or check out some of our online resources.

We have a vested interest in helping your business succeed, and because of that, we are eager to help! When you succeed, we succeed.

We ultimately want your customers to be happy and we want your no-show rate to go down.

If something is not working, simply let us know and we are always happy to take a look at your account and see if we can improve the way it’s working!

Help and Info

Help and Info Resources

Here you will find our blog with many articles on using our services and tips for setting things up. 

In addition, we always offer free setup of your account when you create an account with us.

Also, check out our help docs page for full documentation on all aspects of our site!

Check out our online tutorials on our YouTube Channel!

Or if all else fails, simply contact us and we’ll talk to you in person!