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Reports – Structure and Content  

Report Structure and Content We have several reports that can be emailed to you on a nightly basis The Report Types are: Reminder Results : Contains the results of the reminders that were sent. Reminder Summary : Contains the number and type of reminders that were sent. Failed Reminders : This report is sent at…

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Reports – Downloading Programatically  

We provide the ability for you to download reports with your appointment information programatically by calling a secure URL, passing in your credentials, and downloading your file(s). This allows you to write your own data integration tool to download your appointment reminder status on a regular schedule. To do this you will need to build…

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Reports – Nightly Emailed Reports

Receive Nightly Emailed Reports You can set up reports to be nightly emailed reports with details of all of the reminders that went out for that day. If you are looking for real-time reminder results you can always check The “Reminders” page. There are a few different reports that are available to you: The report…

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