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Repeating a Phone Call Reminder Message  

How do I allow my customer to repeat the message in a phone call type reminder? A phone reminder will always repeat the message twice whether the call is answered by a person or a machine. This is the default setting and you do not need to do anything to enable it. If your call…

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Reminder Types – Creating and Editing

Reminder Types Contain the Content of Your Reminders A Reminder Type can be a Call, Text, or Email. You can have as many Reminder Types as you like – there is no limit. You will define the content of your Reminders on the “Reminder Types” page. To get to the “Reminder Types” page, ensure that you…

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Reminders – Real Time Reporting on Your Reminders

The Reminders Page – Real Time Reporting on Your Reminders The Reminders Page will show you the current status of all of your reminders.  It includes details on the delivery result and the response to the reminders in real time. You can also ‘export’ the results to a csv file from this page. *Note – to…

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