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Calendars – Sharing a Google Calendar

Follow these steps for sharing a Google Calendar with us. Sharing a Google Calendar is the first step to using your calendar to send Google Calendar appointment reminders.  Its easy and should only take a few minutes. *Please note – Google updated their interface in early 2018 and the calendar sharing is now available under…

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Calendars – Event View

How to Read The Event View for your Linked Calendar When you click on the calendar icon from your list of linked calendars, you will be taken to the Event View for that calendar. In Event View, you can see all of the events that we could read from your calendar. Items in Blue are events…

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Calendars – Linking a Google Calendar to Our Site

This topic will provide info on linking a Google Calendar to our website to easily send call, text, or email Google Calendar Reminders. Before you link it to our site, you need to share it with us. For info on sharing a Google Calendar Click Here By linking a Google Calendar to our site, it…

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