View inbound and outbound text messages and send replies

By default, the Text Messages Page will show you all of your text messages from yesterday and today. You can change this time frame or return results for a specific customer last name or phone number.

Text message screen showing 2 way texting

Narrow Down Your Results by Changing the Following Fields:

Understanding The Rows in Your Results:

Your results will contain a row for each text message that matches the search fields that you have entered:

Reply to inbound text messages

You can send a quick text reply to any inbound text messages by clicking on the SMS icon icon!

Further Real-Time Communication with Customers

You can also initiate a text message by going to the customers page and clicking on the SMS icon.

Clicking on customers screen to send an SMS message

This is helpful for reaching out individually to a patient or a customer without creating and sending a “reminder type”. You can also use this method to communicate with your clientele via text messaging without giving away your personal cell number. Any text messages initiated through our system will be sent and received using one of our internal long codes.

See Tutorial 13 “Send Text Messages to your Customers in Real Time” for a video walk through on using this feature!