Creating and Editing Text Blocks for use in your Text Message, Call, and Email Reminders

What is a Text Block?

A Text Block is simply a block of text that you can use when building your Reminder Types. You can use Text Blocks in Calls (Text to Speech), Text Messages, or Emails.

To get to the “Text Blocks” page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then find either the “MY COMPANY” box in the upper right hand corner or the “Account Navigation” link. Click on either of these to show the page drop-down list. Then click on “Text Blocks”.

You will be presented with the following screen:
Create a text block

Click on the pencil icon to edit a text block. Keep in mind that any and all Reminder Types that use this text block will be affected by changing it.

If you Create a New Text Block, or Edit a Text Block you will see this screen.

Text block name and content

After you have successfully created or edited your Text Block, you can now use it in your Reminder Types. 

If you ever need to edit your Text Block, you will need to come back to this screen to do it.