Spanish Mapping of Reminder Types

Spanish Mapping allows you to set up a Spanish version of a “Reminder Type”

Below is a link to a tutorial that will take you through the basic process of setting up your Spanish Mapping.

Tutorial 9 : Creating and Sending Spanish Reminders

How to set up and map Spanish reminders to your English reminders.

First Steps:
Before you create a Spanish mapping, you need to create 2 reminder types: One in English and an Identical one in Spanish.

Click here for help on Reminder Types

Also make sure that you have your customers language preference defined in the customer list. Click here for help on Customers

When you click on “Spanish Mapping”, you will be taken to a screen that shows all of the mappings that you have set up. To get to the “Spanish Mapping page” page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then find either the “MY COMPANY” box in the upper right hand corner or the “Account Navigation” link. Click on either of these to show the page drop-down list. Then click on “Spanish Mapping”.

Create Spanish Mapping

You can click the pencil icon to edit current mappings or click the button to create a new mapping

Spanish Mapping

Here are some additional details about Spanish Reminders