We provide the ability for you to download reports with your appointment information programatically by calling a secure URL, passing in your credentials, and downloading your file(s). This allows you to write your own data integration tool to download your appointment reminder status on a regular schedule. To do this you will need to build your URL as follows.

To download reports programatically you will need to build your URL as follows.

You may also send the following optional parameters

Sending these parameters will limit your result set

A typical complete URL would look like this…

“https://secureserver.appointmentreminders.com:443/Reports.aspx?ReportType=Reminder Results&username=MyUser&password=MyPassword&startdate=4/20/2013&enddate=4/21/2013”

Once you are connected you can use the .Net WebClient or any other Web Client to upload your file.You can also use a similar process to upload files.  By utilizing 2 way programmatic communication, you can build a customized interface to integrate with whatever scheduling software or EMR that you are using.

We provide code examples in C# and VB.NET that you can download here.

Reports are in .csv format. For more information on the Report structure, see our posting here