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Reports – Downloading Programatically  

We provide the ability for you to download reports with your appointment information programatically by calling a secure URL, passing in your credentials, and downloading your file(s). This allows you to write your own data integration tool to download your appointment reminder status on a regular schedule. To do this you will need to build your URL as follows.

To download reports programatically you will need to build your URL as follows.

  • WebsiteURL = ""
  • Port = ":443" - Always use port 443
  • PageName = "Reports.aspx"
  • username = Your Account Username
  • password = Your Account Password
  • ReportType = "Report Type : Reminder Results or Reminder Summary or Daily Failed Reminders"
  • startdate = Start date of the report (e.g. 4/20/2013)
  • enddate = End date of the report )e.g. 4/21/2013)

You may also send the following optional parameters

  • CustomerID
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • ReminderComplete (True/False)

Sending these parameters will limit your result set

A typical complete URL would look like this...

" Results&username=MyUser&password=MyPassword&startdate=4/20/2013&enddate=4/21/2013"

Once you are connected you can use the .Net WebClient or any other Web Client to upload your file.You can also use a similar process to upload files.  By utilizing 2 way programmatic communication, you can build a customized interface to integrate with whatever scheduling software or EMR that you are using.

We provide code examples in C# and VB.NET that you can download here.

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