Customers – Add Customers through the Website  

Learn how to add customers using the website Customers can be added several ways. In this topic we will show you how to add customers through the website interface.  1. You can add customers through the website interface. 2. They can be uploaded to our site through import files. 3. They can be added on-the-fly through…

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Data Extract – Extracting Necessary Data  

This post has information on extracting data from any scheduling software Overview: In order to pull data from your scheduling software, you will need to be able to pull the following information from your software. This will be used to create a file that can be uploaded to us. This topic serves as just a…

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Distribution Lists – Creating  

This post has info on creating and sending appointment reminders to distribution lists through the website. You can create distribution lists through the website by selecting the customers that you want on that particular list (e.g. VIP Customers, California Customers, 4th of July Sale, etc…) You can use distribution lists to send bulk reminders to…

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How come text messages don’t originate from my CallerID?  

How come text messages don’t originate from my Caller ID? This post contains information on the Caller ID for text messages. By default we use an internal Caller ID for text messages (SMS). SMS (texts) originate from one of our telephone numbers or a short code. However, with a premium account, we are able to…

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How do I create multiple reminders for an appointment  

How do I create multiple reminders for an appointment? You can create multiple reminders for an appointment very easily.  This will allow you just schedule the reminder one time and then have the system add the additional reminders automatically. Here are a few examples of why you may want to set up multiple reminders for…

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Import Files – Structure and Content  

How to Create Import Files that can be uploaded to our site You can read through this posting to learn how to create your import files. Learn how to upload excel and csv files with your customer and appointment information. Import Files can contain either “Contact Information”, “Appointment Information”, or Both.  Importing your contacts and/or your…

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Import Files – Uploading Programatically  

How to Upload Import Files Programatically We provide the ability for you to upload import files with your appointment information programatically by calling a secure URL, passing in your credentials, and uploading your file(s). This allows you to write your own data integration tool to upload your appointments on a regular schedule. To do this…

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No Reminder List – How it Works  

The No Reminder List The No Reminder List is a list of your customers who have requested to NOT have reminders sent to them, or to request a certain outreach method not be used (call, text messages, or email). The No Reminder List can be added to by 2 different methods You can edit the…

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Payment and Billing Information

Payment/Billing Information What Type of Payment Do We Accept?  What kind of payment types do we accept? Visa MasterCard American Express Discover Diners Club JCB Is My Payment Information Safe? Yes! Any time you add or edit payment information you are connected directly to Authorize.Net’s site through an encrypted connection. We do not store any…

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