How to Create Import Files that can be uploaded to our site

You can read through this posting to learn how to create your import files. Learn how to upload excel and csv files with your customer and appointment information. Import Files can contain either “Contact Information”, “Appointment Information”, or Both.  Importing your contacts and/or your appointment information through import files is simply one way of many to add information to your account.

Here are a few additional ways to add appointments (reminders).

  1. You can add appointments through the website interface.
  2. They can be uploaded to our site through import files (.csv, .xls).
  3. They can be added on-the-fly through calendars.

Customers can also be added several ways.  

Here is a link to a tutorial that will explain the basics of creating and uploading import files. For more info and templates, read through this posting.

Tutorial 5 : Import Files

If your contact list is in Outlook or Google, Click Here For info exporting your contact list

To Create an Import File with Contact Information Only follow these steps

To Create an Import File with Appointment Information follow these steps

Additional Must Know Info about Import Files

Please keep the following IMPORTANT INFORMATION in mind when creating an import file