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Contact Lists – Upload your contact list through the Website  

Once you have created your contact list, you can upload it to the website

Before you can upload your contact list, you need to create or export one. Your contact list will be a .csv file that contains your customer information.  You can export a list from Google or Outlook, or create your own list (see the Create an Import File with Contact Information Only section).

Please keep in mind that this is optional and there are other ways of creating appointments and adding customers such as using “Calendar Tags” if you are using a Google Calendar, or uploading files with appointment information (see the uploading files with appointment information section).

To manually upload your contact list through our website (import files) follow these steps

  • Go to the Import Files page on the Website. To get to the “Import Files” page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then find either the “MY COMPANY” box in the upper right hand corner or the “Account Navigation” link. Click on either of these to show the page drop-down list. Then click on “Import Files”.
  • Click on “Upload New File”
  • Choose the Contact List (.csv file) on your Hard Drive
  • Under “Select File to Upload”, press the “Choose File” button. Navigate to the file on your computer and select it. Then click “Evaluate File”.

Select File to Upload

  • Now you should see the review screen as well as any errors in the file.  If you see errors that you need to fix, click “Cancel Import”, fix the errors and try again.  If it found no errors, go ahead and click the “Continue Import” button to upload your contact list.

Import File Review Succssful

Now if you click on the “Customers” page, you should be able to see all of the customers that you imported.


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