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Contact Lists – Exporting from Google or Outlook  

Export your Contact List From Google or Outlook to Import Into Your Account

This topic will show you how to export your contact list from Google or Outlook. However, keep in mind that you can alternatively use Calendar Tags to add customers on the fly.

How to export your Contact List from Google

You can quickly export your contact list from Google into a CSV file. Here’s how:

  • Sign in to Gmail.
  • Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts.
    Google Export Contact List
  • From the More actions drop-down menu, select Export….
  • Choose whether to export all contacts or only one group.
  • Select the Google CSV format. This is the recommended way to back up your Google Contacts.
  • Click Export.
  • Choose Save to Disk then click OK.
  • Select a location to save your file, and click OK.

How to export your Contact List from Outlook

  • In Outlook, Click the File tab.
  • Click Options.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Under Export, click Export.
    Export Your Contact List
  • In the Import and Export Wizard, click Export to a file, and then click Next.
  • Under Create a file of type, choose “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” , also known as a CSV file.
  • Under Select folder to export from, select the contact folder that you want to export, and then click Next.
  • Under Save exported file as, click Browse, select a destination folder, and in the File name box, type a name for the file.
  • Click OK.
  • In the Export to a File dialog box, click Next.
  • Select your “Contacts” folder
  • Click Finish.

Now that you have exported your contact list from Google or Outlook, you can upload it to our site.
Click Here For info on Uploading your Contact List

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