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Company – Customization

Company Customization: Customize your company by adding your Time Zone, Logo, Colors, Web URL etc…

To get to the Company Customization page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then find either the “MY COMPANY” box in the upper right hand corner or the “Account Navigation” link. Click on either of these to show the page drop-down list. Then click on “Customization”.

When you click on the Customization button, you are presented with the following screen:

  • Time Zone: Select the Time Zone where your company is located. This will not affect the Appointment Time information. It just ensures that the reminders get sent during an appropriate time frame (typically 9AM – 8PM). Important! Make sure you set this correctly or your reminders may go out at the wrong time. For example if your company is located in California but the Time Zone is set to EST your reminders may start going out at 5AM instead of 8AM like you have it set on the Reminder Schedule.
  • Company Website URL: Enter the URL of your Companies website. The Web URL is only used in Email Reminders.
  • Branding Color: Choose or Enter your Companies Branding Color. The Branding Color is only used in Email Reminders.
  • Upload your Logo: It is a good idea to resize your logo to 150px high before you upload it. You can upload .jpg or .gif files. The Company Logo is only used in Email Reminders

Company Customization

An Example of an Email appointment reminder with Company Customization including Colors, Logo, Caller ID, and Web URL

Company Customization

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