Follow these steps for sharing a Google Calendar with us.

Sharing a Google Calendar is the first step to using your calendar to send Google Calendar appointment reminders.  Its easy and should only take a few minutes. *Please note – Google updated their interface in early 2018 and the calendar sharing is now available under “Settings and Sharing” which you can get to by clicking the 3 dots next to your calendar. 

You can click below to watch a quick tutorial on the subject:

In Order for us to connect to your Google calendar you must share it with us and provide the Calendar ID. Follow the steps below to share your calendar with us.

To get the Calendar ID for a Google Calendar:

Google My Calendars

Google Calendar Settings

Google Calendar ID

Now that your Google Calendar is synced up, we can pick up your appointments and send out the appropriate appointment reminders.

Don’t get frustrated! If you need help sharing a google calendar we will be glad to help.  Just contact us!