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Calendars – Event View

How to Read The Event View for your Linked Calendar

When you click on the calendar icon from your list of linked calendars, you will be taken to the Event View for that calendar. In Event View, you can see all of the events that we could read from your calendar.

Getting to Calendar Event View

Items in Blue are events that we could add a reminder for.
Items in Red are events that we did not add a reminder for.

Calendar Event View

When you click on an Event you can see details about it. (*NOTE – YOU MAY NEED TO SCROLL UP TO SEE THIS)
This event shows the following info

  • Contact Name : Name of the contact who we created a reminder for.
  • Contact Found in Title: This is true if we located the contact in the title of the event and it matched an existing contact.
  • Contact Found in Tag: This is true if we found the contact info in a Calendar Tag in the description.
  • New Contact Added: This is true if we added a new contact to your contact list.
  • Reminder Type ID: This is the Reminder Type ID of the reminder that we added. Go to the Reminder Types page to find the Reminder Type ID.

This example shows a reminder where we found the Contact in the Title of the event.

Contact in Event Title

This example shows a reminder where we found the Contact in a TAG for the event.

Contact in Tag

Some Additional Notes on the Calendar Event View

  1. You will only be able to see events in the calendar view starting on a date greater than today (aka tomorrow), and you will only be able to see events that are less than 30 days into the future.
  2. If you wish to view past appointment reminders, you can do that in the reminders screen.
  3. You may add events to your Google Calendar as many days in the future as you want, we just don’t sync them for more than 30 days out.

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