Appointment Reminders Upload Service

The Appointment Reminders Upload Service is a downloadable application that can be installed on your local windows machine. 

It will allow you to automatically upload files to us when it sees a new file in the folder that you specify. The folder can be on a workstation, server, or shared drive.

If you create a file that adheres to our file format, then there is no additional charge to use this application to upload files and download reports. If you are unable to create a file in this format, then we can build a custom parser on our end. There is a small monthly fee associated with custom parsing. We refer to this as our “Integration Service”. Please contact our tech team if you need this service.

Click Here to Download the AppointmentReminders Upload Service

This is a zip file and it contains the following help docs

  1. “How to Install the Appointment Reminders Windows Service.docx” This document will help you through the installation process.
  2. “How to configure the Upload Service”. This document will provide information on the configuration of the service.

How to configure the Upload Service

1. You can either edit the Config.ini directly or use the AppointmentRemindersCOM Configuration Utility which should have installed into your program files.
2. Choose the INI file where you installed the application. It should be called Config.ini Appointment Reminders Upload Service - Load INI

3. Configure your Upload Settings

Appointment Reminders Upload Service - Configure Upload Settings

a. Use Custom Processing – Set this to “True” if we do any custom parsing of your file on our end (Integration Service). If you simply send us a file that adheres to our file format, set this to “False”
b. Username – This is the username. We recommend creating a separate “Data Integration User” for this purpose. 
c. Password – This is the password of your account or user.
d. Choose Import Folder – This is the folder where we will look for your imports. If you have multiple locations, they will be created as subfolders within this folder.
e. Choose Log Folder – This is the folder where we will write log files. You can reference these log files if you have any issues with the service.
f. Choose Processed Folder – This is the folder where we will copy your import files after we upload them.
g. MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – If you have multiple locations, you can add them here. When you send us imports, you will save the import files in the specific location folders.

4. Configure Your Download Settings

Appointment Reminders Upload Service - Configure Download Settings

a. Enable Downloads – You can check this box if you would like to automatically download reports. These reports can be opened in excel or programmatically parsed by your software.
b. Choose Downloads Folder – Select the folder where you would like the reports saved.
c. Reminder Results – Reminder Results – Contains the results of the reminders that were sent.
d. Reminder Summary – Contains the number and type of reminders that were sent.
e. Failed Reminders – This report is sent at the end of the day (whenever your reminders stop) and gives you a list of the reminders that were not delivered.
f. Download Time – The automatic downloads will occur once per day. If you select a time that is 9AM or earlier, the reports will be for the previous day, otherwise they will contain the data for the current day.

5. Logs

Appointment Reminders Upload Service - View Log File

a. You can open log files with this viewer. Log files contain information that may help in troubleshooting if you have any issues with the service.

a. Make Sure you click the SAVE button after your changes. The Save Button will save all of your values and then STOP and START the Appointment Reminders Upload Service.

Once you have set this up, whenever you place a file into your imports folder, it will be uploaded to our site. You can also check the downloads folder for reports if you have enabled them. If you have any issues or need help with this application, please let us know and we will be happy to walk you through it!