Adding Users to your Account

Additional users are unique logins for multiple people that are using the same account. This way, each person that is accessing the account has their own login and permissions.

Appointment Reminders Upload Service

The Appointment Reminders Upload Service is a downloadable application that can be installed on your local windows machine.
It will allow you to automatically upload files to us when it sees a new file in the folder that you specify. The folder can be on a workstation, server, or shared drive.

Voice Files – Our library of prerecorded voice files  

We offer an extensive library of prerecorded voice files that you can use in your Phone Call reminders free of charge Our extensive prerecorded voicefile library contains most of the basic phrases that you might use in your reminders. Here are a few examples: “I am calling to remind you of your upcoming appointment on…” […]

Voicefiles – Creating and Editing  

How to Create, Edit, and Use Voice Files Voice Files are used in your Phone Call Reminders. There are several types of voice files that are available to you: Stock Voice Files: We have a library of prerecorded voice files that are available for you to use in your reminders. Record your own voice files: […]

Triggers – Creating and Editing  

How to Create and Edit Triggers on your Reminder Types What Are Triggers? Triggers allow you to create multiple reminders for an appointment or send text or email alerts when certain conditions are met. Below is a link to a tutorial that will teach you all about Triggers: Below is a link to a tutorial […]

Why my text messages don’t originate from my CallerID?  

This post contains information on Caller IDs for text messages. We use an internal Caller ID (long-code) for text messages (SMS). SMS (texts) originate from one of our telephone numbers or a short code. However, with a premium account, we are able to send SMS messages from a long code (10 digit phone number) that […]

Text Blocks – Creating and Editing  

Creating and Editing Text Blocks for use in your Text Message, Call, and Email Reminders What is a Text Block? A Text Block is simply a block of text that you can use when building your Reminder Types. You can use Text Blocks in Calls (Text to Speech), Text Messages, or Emails. To get to […]

Test Mode – Testing Your Account  

If you have Test Mode enabled then no reminders will be sent. Why should I use Test Mode? Test Mode allows you to upload files, test the API, or connect calendars without having to worry about accidentally sending reminders to your customers. Can I send reminders to myself while I am in Test Mode? Yes, […]

Spanish Mapping  

Spanish Mapping of Reminder Types Spanish Mapping allows you to set up a Spanish version of a “Reminder Type” Below is a link to a tutorial that will take you through the basic process of setting up your Spanish Mapping. Tutorial 9 : Creating and Sending Spanish Reminders How to set up and map Spanish […]